Friday, February 28, 2020
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Karen is a dynamic motivational speaker, empowering people to change their lives in a big way. Karen reaches out to an audience on a personal level, gently pushing them forward on their life paths. Offering more than a speech, Karen awakens the audience through specific meditations, practical life-changing tools, healing techniques and removal of blockages; resulting in people changing the way they live and moving forward in their lives.

Inspiring through her words of wisdom and down-to-earth approach, Karen gets people thinking. She offers random audience angel readings for guidance and encouragement.

Karen mixes humour and heart-felt messages with motivational stories to empower audiences to make positive changes that support their life path.

Topic Ideas:
Discovering your life purpose: Top 5 Questions to Ask Yourself.
I Talk to Angels & Dead People for a Living: From Military Nurse to Medium
Secrets of a Professional Medium
Angels By Your Side: 5 Secrets to Discovering Which Angels Surround You
Angelic Help: Can Angels Help You Find a Parking Spot & Other Daily Concerns
Conquering Clutter: 6 Must Ask Questions
Time For Me: 5 key Steps to Scheduling YOU in Your Day
Quitting Bad Habits: In 7 Easy Steps
Angelic Tips for Inner Peace: Getting you Peaceful in the Moment
Attracting Abundance Spiritually: Removing 5 Obstacles to Start Attracting Abundance.
Five Secrets to Succeeding in Your Life.
Making Your Intuition Work for You.
Moving Forward Fearlessly.
Harmony Within the Workplace.
Manifesting Your Dreams: Working with the Law of Attraction.
Facing Change with Courage and Faith.
Healing With the Angels. .
Attracting Your Soulmate Through Spiritual Tools.
Angels 101.
Spiritual Hygiene: Protecting Yourself From Other People’s Stuff
Chakra Clearing: Awaken Your Spiritual Powers.
Angels as Your Business Partner.
Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life.


“I would like to personally thank you for the Enrichment Lectures you have offered this cruise. You certainly went above and beyond the requirements to ensure that something special was provided for all our guests and we appreciate the time and effort you put into the preparation of your presentations. It has been an absolute pleasure working with you and hopefully we will have the opportunity to work together again on another Royal Caribbean ship.”

-Ken Jones, Activities Manager, Royal Caribbean International