Friday, February 28, 2020
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Are you mourning the loss of a loved one? Missing a deceased pet who was a family member? Or wondering if there really is life after death? Then consider a medium session to help you in your grieving process.

What is a medium reading?
During a medium reading, Karen communicates directly with your departed loved ones in heaven to offer you loving messages. Karen will ask for the first name of the deceased people you would like to speak with and call them forward one at a time.

Frequently, Karen invokes the angels during a medium session too, to help you heal through your grief.

This can be done in person at Karen’s home office or conveniently by telephone. Karen doesn’t need you in front of her to receive messages from those passed on –it’s all telepathic. Karen primarily hears your departed ones talking to her, but she also receives messages from images and feelings too. A phone session is just as effective as seeing Karen in person.


  • Reassure you your loved ones in heaven are at peace.
  • Allow the deceased person to offer loving, supportive messages to you.
  • Assistance in healing through your grief.
  • Healing through unfinished business with your loved one.


  • How is my deceased loved one doing?
  • Are they okay? Are they in heaven/afterlife?
  • Do they know what is happening to me since they passed away? (Yes, they do and they will comment on your life and answer questions you have).

All sessions are confidential and offered in a safe, comfortable, supportive atmosphere.


“When I lost my husband my life was shattered, then I found Karen. Her abilities as a medium and angel lady gave me peace. I would not want to be without her care. I have read all her books many times and they are a great comfort to me.”

- Nell Miller, Truro, Nova Scotia.