Friday, February 28, 2020
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Angel & Medium Readings by PHONE!

phoneYou don't need to be in front of Karen personally to receive messages from your angels & loved ones. Most of Karen's private sessions are done over the phone. It's all by intent in connecting with your angels and heavenly relatives. 

Take advantage of the convenience of a telephone session!

What question do you have for your angels today? Are you missing a deceased relative that you would like to receive a loving message from? Ready to remove fears & blockages holding you back? Want to know what loving messages your angels have for you today? Then book your private telephone reading today!


Anywhere you have access to a phone!


Call  or email Karen for appointment. Usually you can get in within 2 weeks as Karen offers sesssions full time hours.

30 Minutes is $79+hst=$90.95 and one hour is $136+hst=$156.40
Book your private session by calling Karen (902) 367-6661, toll free 1-877-404-3103 or Email Karen